7 Worst Foods To Avoid When Dieting

Here are 7 worst foods that you must strictly avoid when dieting.

1. Multigrain Breads..

Howsoever healthy it may sound; multigrain bread is not so good for your diet plan. These over processed foods are generally stripped off their nutrients including vitamins and minerals. Hence, opt for whole grain breads that are more fibrous and delicious. Avoid falling in the lure of multigrain products.

2. Whole Milk.

Although you love the fuller taste of whole milk, avoid this drink totally when dieting. Along with minerals and vitamins, whole milk is also rich in saturated fats that are deteriorating for your health. One cup serving of whole milk passes 5 grams of fat to your body. So, better opt for low fat or skim milk in your diet.

3. Sugar Free Packed Snacks.

These products are claimed to be totally sugar free. They are definitely low in calories. But often, they contain more fatty sugar alternatives. The alternative fake sugar is also processed by our body. This ultimately raises the levels of insulin. So, it’s always better to read the labels first and then consume a so-called sugar free snack.

4. Granola.

It’s good to like the crunchy taste of granola. It is a perfect dressing for your hot cereals, yogurt, or delicious desserts. But it is also packed with lots of calories and fat. Actually, the ingredients of granola include butter and sugar. As such, one bowl of granola contains around 550 calories and 28 grams of fat. So, instead of granola, opt for bran cereal which is high in fiber and has fuller flavor. Alternatively, cut down the amount of granola per serving that you consume.

5. Tropical Fruits.

Fruits are known for their high nutrients and they are an obvious choice when dieting. But tropical fruits like mango and pineapple are equally rich in calories as well. Here, apple is an intelligent choice because it is high in fiber and considerably low in fat.

6. Creamy Salad Dressings.

Whether you are dieting or not, salads are quite healthy, anyways. But the moment you add cream based dressing to them, they are worse for your dieting plan. Most of these creamy dressings contain lots of sugar and fats. They increase calorie count of your salad and make it worthless for your diet plan.

7. White Rice.

White rice is a common recipe for dinner. But it is not that healthy. Along with low nutritional values, white rice also induces storage of excess fat in your body. Hence, it can become quite challenging for your weight loss schedule. You can better switch to brown rice with high nutrition and fiber content.

With these avoidable foods you can certainly give required boost to your diet regimen and attain the shape you dream about.