Any Starch Eating Addict Can Eat Complex Carbohydrates Foods – And Yet Lose Weight


‘I always recommend a sensible diet, including lots of carbohydrates and avoiding too much fat. Dancers don’t need different fuel from other people – they just need more of it because they use more energy.” – By: Deborah Bull

Before we even talk about sensible eating of carbohydrate products, allow me to initially clarify why obese people consciously or unconsciously consume excessive carbohydrates products. Such people, because of their imbalance insulin production excreted by their faulty pancreas. Hence, they need to balance their bodily need for glucose by religiously follow the scientific carbohydrate dieting regime. For starter, this article even recommend that high fiber starch and other food stuff must contain a high proportion of complex carbohydrates. Get my drift? You bet!

To give you a bird’s eye view of this article, let’s uncover a quick exposure on the merits on how a dieter can eat a good and sensible carbohydrate centered diet. And yet lose weight! Such diet is possible, when we:-

• Adjust the diet to special situations
• Destroy our sense to feel guilty anymore.
• Not leave anyone high and dry
• Focus on permanent weight loss
• Accept the fact it isn’t for everyone.

Do the above ring a bell now? If ‘no’, just continuing to read! Trust me you will be amply rewarded after reading this entire tiny report. Want to bet?

Reason No. 1. You can adjust the diet to special situations.

Believe me, any good carbohydrate addict’s centered diet worthy of its name should be one of a dynamic and flexible plan. It must accommodate day-to-day changes in your life or your lifestyle. Hence even important food-related events whether its once-a-year anniversary celebration at the fanciest restaurant in town or the everyday family dinner should still be enjoyed while you follow such diet and lose weight!

Reason No. 2. You don’t need to feel guilty anymore.

Such carbohydrate addict’s diet must offer the incredible experience of being blameless -something many of us have rarely felt. The hundreds of subjects who followed similar diet in its first few years should not be burden with guilt-ridden cheating sessions. Normally such diet does not require you deprive yourself; you don’t need to starve yourself for days, weeks; you don’t have to eat tiny “diet meals.”

Moving on, let’s look at reason number three!

Reason No. 3. You won’t be left high and dry.

A good carbohydrates centered diet should not just abandon you when you reach your target weigh unlike many other diets do. We or other similar scientific diets recommended by us normally don’t take the Band-Aid approach that other ‘off- the- shelf’ diets have. These diets fail to help dieters to take their weight off. And then blame dieters for regaining the weight. Losing weight isn’t like a small cut that can just be protected for a week or two and then will disappear forever. Reputable weight Loss Problems Solvers always practices ongoing attention and concern toward their patients.

Shall we give a loud shout to reason number four? OK?

Reason No. 4. The goal is permanent weight loss.

Due to the nature of the mal-function of the pancreas, the goal of most Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet by right should not focus on unsafe quick weight loss. Its purpose must also achieve slow permanent weight loss in line with the pancreas reactions. Physicians and scientists agree that the faster you lose weight, the faster you are likely to regain it. It’s like the old story of a woman who lost 1,000 pounds or 50 pounds, twenty times over. That’s not what any good anti-carbohydrate program should be about.

The last reason is just as important as the rest. Trust me!

Reason No. 5. This diet isn’t for everyone.

Be forewarned that most people do not have the same metabolic response to carbohydrates that the other carbohydrate addict does. Non-addicted people can eat “normally.” But if you’re a carbohydrate addict, you cannot eat “normally” without eventually losing control. Trying to eat and diet like a normal person can only lead to frustration and failure. Agreed?

In a neat nutshell, this brief on why every obese carbohydrate addict must embark on a controlled and scientific carbohydrates diet can be packed neatly with these important points. Firstly any good carbohydrate addict’s diet must be adjusting the diet to special situations. Secondly, it should destroy the need to feel guilty anymore. Thirdly, such diet must not leave anyone high and dry. Fourthly, it should focus on permanent weight loss. And finally, it should accept the fact such eating restriction is isn’t for everyone. Easy to remember and put into action. A big ‘YES’ if you ask me.

My honest supposition is this. In the past achieving a balance lifestyle might have been practically impossible for you. Because food reactions were constantly wrecking the balance in your life by trig-gering your food craving, draining your energy and ruining your mood. But those days are over. At least now you have the shocking revelation that excessive consumption of carbohydrates may be the culprit. Agreed? If ‘Yes’ then I rest my case. Period.