Addictions to Fast Food – Important Things You Need to Know

Hash browns for breakfast, double-patty cheeseburgers for mid-morning snacks, a large helping of fries and supersize double everything burger for lunch, chocolate sundae and float for afternoon snacks and hotdogs with all the sidings for supper. Don’t forget the late night bacon and cheese pizza for after dinner. And everything must come with the largest soda available. Ah! This is the fast food life. Delicious, absolutely mouth-watering and leaving you wanting more.

As you continue to indulge your taste buds, fats slowly and insidiously creep into your midsection, lying there in comfortable sleep. Fat deposits build up in your arterial walls until one night in the middle of your comfortable life as a couch potato watching your favorite television show, you feel the shortness of your breath and tightness in your chest, then you begin to see stars and black dots and pretty soon, that sharp searing pain that threatens to rip your heart apart. You grip your chest and had the presence of mind to call 911 before passing out. The next morning you find yourself talking with your doctor as he grimly informs you of the need for a heart surgery of some sort that you just can’t digest. After all, you’re only 25 and in the prime of your life.

Our reliance on fast food has become a matter of national concern. As obese Americans continue to grow by the numbers with more coming from the young adult population, it becomes imperative that we start the campaign to wean the fast food addict that have slowly crept into each of us. But because it’s food, we don’t consider it addiction. After all, food nourishes the body, right? Not all kinds of food.

Food stuffs that are rich in nothing but sodium, preservatives and additives serve to poison our own bodies. But because they are delicious, we are tricked into believing that they are good for us. It’s our sad plight that we have become a nation of fast food addicts and don’t even recognize this malady that has hit us.

When we say fast food addicts, we do mean those of us who rely on processed fare morning, noon and night. No, we’re not out to declare war against all fast food establishments and we’re not quick to condemn them either. We put the focus on the individual and his or her lack of restraint in indulging in these conveniences. A family day to treat the kids out to their fast food place is certainly acceptable. But when individuals begin to treat it as their dining room then that becomes a cause for concern.

If you know of a friend or relative who fits this description, he or she definitely needs your help. Like any form of addiction that can be difficult to get rid off, the fast food addict needs all the moral and emotional support he or she can get to get back on the road to good health. In most of these cases, psychological intervention is even necessary. If you yourself is a fast food junkie, then you need to seek help before those fats that are now deposited in your midsection starts off a chain of inflammatory processes that will ultimately end in the scenario described above. In some cases, you don’t end up facing the doctor but a man with a rooster. That’s when you’ll know just how addicted you have become. And by then, it’s already too late to make any changes.

Gluten Free Diet & Introducing Foods

Begin introducing one food at a time, and then wait a few days to introduce the next food. Eat a large portion of the new food all by itself, preferably during lunch. Wait a few hours and see if there is an immediate reaction. If you don’t have a reaction, then try eating some more of the new food at dinner along with allowed foods.

Some other general tips for your new way of eating:

Avoid overeating. Your digestive enzymes are essential in processing the food that you eat. When you stuff yourself, you overwhelm your digestive enzymes before you are finished.

Don’t eat too much of one particular food in one sitting. Different enzymes are used to digest different foods. When you too much of one food at a meal, you will overwhelm the enzymes that digest that food.

Even if you find that sugar is not an allergen, it is best to avoid it. Refined sugar depletes minerals and digestive enzymes. Deserts made of unrefined sugar, fruits or sweet vegetables (like sweet potatoes) are much better choices.

Focus on raw foods! Foods like fruits, vegetables and raw milk cheese are full of helpful digestive enzymes. These enzymes can be destroyed during the cooking process.

Strengthen your body’s immune system by using super foods, herbs, supplements and adequate rest. Keeping your immune system in good condition will help you fend off any potential allergens.

Suggested supplements to support your new way of eating:

Multivitamins and minerals. Look for a good broad spectrum multivitamin that has minerals to support digestion.

Hydrochloric Acid (with pepsin). As your body ages, it produces less HCL and pepsin (both are necessary for digestion).

Digestive enzymes. Take an enzyme capsule after meals to support digestion.

Vitamin B complex. This reduces stress and restores muscle tone in your digestive track.

Beta carotene and vitamin C with bioflavonoids. These antioxidants will help build your immunity

Essential fatty acids. Flax oil and primrose oil both boost prostaglandin levels, which help your body deal with inflammations due to allergic reactions.

Quercetin. This natural antihistamine can relieve reactions to certain foods.

Siberian ginseng. Helps your body fight stress and builds your immune system.

Glutamine. This is an amino acid that you should take between meals.

Probiotics. Acidophilus and bifidus both help restore friendly bacteria into your body’s digestive system.

Aloe vera juice. If you’ve have hidden allergies for a long time, you may be suffering from a condition called leaky gut syndrome.

However, if you discover a food to be safe, you must be careful with how often you eat it in the future. Just to be safe, you should eat it once a day at most, and then only every four days once you’ve built up your list of “safe foods.” And you will be one step closer to a gluten free diet and a healthier lifestyle.

It is important to understand where you are and where you want to be, especially when it comes to losing weight and following the gluten free diet. To learn more about what you can start doing today, visit Diana Walker’s Blog post on Five Reasons To Eat A Gluten Free Diet.

Is The Best Dog Food Tables Scraps?

We all love our dogs, and with the love that they show us in return we often find it hard to say no to them, especially when they give us that pleading look. This look is often seen when they are stuck like glue by our sides when we are eating, and it is so difficult not to sneak them a morsel every now and then, but are we doing them any favors when we are doing this?

Dogs love food, and typically we give them the food that we buy at stores. It seems so unpalatable when we look at it, especially when compared to the food that we enjoy at our dinner table. Unfortunately for our dogs, the table scraps that we feed them are often the worst part of our meal. They usually consist of fat trimmings and the things that we just don’t feel like eating. But the problem runs even deeper than that. Most people don’t realize that not only are table scraps harmful to our pets, but the food that we buy at the store for them is also harmful. The governments don’t put as much of a restriction on what goes into our pets food as it does in our food. Even if you see that the package says that it is unprocessed, or chemical free, that just means that once it gets to the dog food factory no chemicals are added, but the raw food stuff that they get is totally full of chemicals.

So make sure that you are feeding your dog well, not only by giving them healthy food, but making sure that the dog food that you buy at the store is actually good for them as well. Dogs that live on a truly healthy diet outlive our dogs by many years, and I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t want their dog around for a longer time.

Healthy And Balanced Fast Food For Modern Active Everyday Living

Well-Balanced Fast Food Healthy Meals – What’s that?

Balanced healthy fast foods is what the body demands. What entire body wants is Equilibrium Nutrition. Best type of healthy and balanced quick foods fits these criteria: It can be with moderate calories, contains beneficial resources of protein from plant, contains sufficient fiber, necessary vitamin and minerals, preparing time is as tiny as a minute.

What a healthy fast food meals do to us?

Serving to us to managing our pounds, reaching our health targets, creating us appear greatest for caring my skin and body and addressing particular nutritional requirements that we’ve got.

All these can only start out with bringing diet into the harmony. Health and fitness is typically affected by our entire body getting deprived aided by the essential nutrients to operate correctly. In brief, lack of steadiness diet. The surprising truth is most people today aren’t finding the equilibrium nutrition that they will need.

How Obesity And Overweight Concern Transpires

A lack of balance nutrition and inadequate eating can have numerous health and fitness consequences. Some a lot more visible than other. A person of your visible consequences is Obesity. All-Around the globe, one Billion adults are overweight and 300 Large numbers are think about as obese; in accordance with WHO. This also leads to prevalent chronic diseases for example coronary heart condition and sort two diabetes.

With busy, stressful lifestyle with tiny time for making wholesome meals drink selections, and add on with rapidly food stuff and snacks easily and simply obtainable, your system frequently missed out vital vitamin, minerals, fiber and protein. You will discover several reasons for weight acquire problems such as massive portion of meals, snacking, sandwiches, unhealthy prepared meals are often the culprit. Also lack of time, knowledge and motivation. Missing lunch and compensate with significant dinner. This signifies a lot of us even now not getting healthy balance diet through the time of day.

Danger of Deficiency of Balance Nutrition

Deficiency in stability nutrients intake is just unhealthy. Even in the event you imagine that you happen to be consuming nicely, you still is often lacking out from your crucial nutrients. Bring for example, vegetarians wants to get guaranteed to get Vitamin B12 that is crucial for that nervous method. A different illustration is fruits and vegetables. Absolutely everyone must be obtaining at the least five servings daily.

In brief 9 out of 10 instances, we purely don’t recognize the impact of what we have been consuming is. Even it’s not showing in your human body nevertheless. Lacking of harmony diet can add to health problems after wards on.

The Relevance of Healthy Food That Includes Equilibrium Diet

Balance nutrition is a must if you desire to lead an energetic and healthy lifestyle. Balance nutrition has helped me to achieve my weight loss success. If you are still wondering and struggling with weight loss, ask yourself, did your daily diet include balance nutrition in it? If not, you may want to start to do so.