Planning Your Perfect, Hot Summer Wedding on a Budget – Enjoy Simple, Locally Available Food

If you’re going to get married in the summer, you might as well enjoy the bounty that summer offers. Wherever you live, there are great local foods available for your wedding feast. Enjoy the best your region has to offer.

Imagine how gorgeous a buffet might be with simple platters of grilled meats or fish and marinated vegetables and big bowls of field greens. Enjoy tables with plates sliced tomatoes to pass and jugs of hand-pressed lemonade. Summer succulence makes your mouth water.  If nothing but the meat is hot, the whole dinner can be more relaxed.

What makes sense about local foods?

  • If foods are in season, they’ll be cheaper.
  • If foods are in season, they’ll be in plentiful supply.
  • If foods are in season, they don’t need to be trucked anywhere.
  • If foods are in season, you’re supporting your local farmers, so there will be more great foods next year!
  • If foods are in season, they’ll taste exactly the way that food stuff is supposed to taste.
  • If foods are in season, they can be eaten simply, in a style that merely enhances their flavor. That lowers on time and money for food prep.

It’s too easy to get caught in the elegance trap and miss the pleasures of the simple and perfectly ripe. Nothing improves on a ripe tomato. It’s not that complexity is wrong. But it actually may be more of a winter concept. Summer is about the sun and all it reveals. You want cooling meals that taste fabulous just as they are. The more you simplify the meal and provide wonderful ingredients, the better your summer meal will become.

This also offers a great metaphor to be celebrated in your wedding ceremony and maybe even your wedding vows. It’s important in marriage to explore the simple and the complex. Share a ripe peach during your wedding ceremony as a symbol of your overwhelming love for one another. Then forget cake and serve your guests from great bowls of sliced peaches accompanied with mounds of freshly whipped cream. Every peach everyone eats after that will remind them of your wedding and your marriage. You want your community wishing you well. And you want reminders that tie you back to your wedding day.